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3.0 Trusted third party: Animalink redefines pet record with Blockchain

Updated: Dec 6, 2023

A 3.0 solution that transforms collaboration between pet owners and professionals. Blockchain ensures security, transparency, and unwavering trust, redefining animal data management. Welcome to an era of fluid, intuitive, trust-based collaboration, driven by Animalink's innovative vision and the power of blockchain.

image : Adobe Stock © itchaznong

In a world where trust in digital solutions is reaching fever pitch, Animalink is emerging as a pioneer with its revolutionary decentralized third-party trust approach, powered by blockchain technology. At a time when 75% of people surveyed* express distrust of the solutions offered by laboratories, food companies and insurance companies, Animalink is responding to this issue by offering a decentralized trusted third party with its universal digital animal record.

Blockchain, often associated with cryptocurrencies, becomes the backbone of Animalink's solution. Its ability to guarantee data security and transparency offers a direct response to the trust concerns expressed by professionals and private individuals alike. Every piece of information concerning an animal is immutably recorded, eliminating any risk of falsification or unauthorized manipulation.

  • Decentralization: Unlike centralized databases, blockchain is decentralized, meaning that no single entity controls the entire network. This ensures that animal data is not subject to the vulnerability of a single point of failure. As a result, the management of animal records becomes more resilient and less prone to malicious manipulation or error.

  • Immutability: Once data is stored on the blockchain, it becomes immutable, i.e. it cannot be modified or deleted. This ensures the integrity of animal information, preventing any malicious or inadvertent alteration of records. Owners, veterinarians and other stakeholders can have greater confidence in the accuracy of the data.

  • Transparency: The transparency inherent in blockchain means that all transactions and data modifications are visible to all authorized parties. This can improve trust between the various parties involved in animal tracking, whether owners, veterinarians, regulatory bodies or potential new owners.

  • Security: blockchain security is enhanced by advanced cryptographic mechanisms. Data is secured by robust protocols, greatly reducing the risk of hacking or violation of animal privacy. Network participants can rest assured that sensitive information is adequately protected.

Animalink's universal digital pet record transcends simple identification. By integrating the animal's digital identity with the monitoring of its health, education and lifestyle, Animalink meets the monitoring and trust needs of professionals and private individuals alike. This holistic approach simplifies information management for pet owners and professionals alike.

The Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO) that Animalink aims to establish is the key to collective governance. By bringing together various professionals and government agencies from around the world, Animalink aims to establish a global network of trust. Decisions on animal record standards and system updates will be made transparently and fairly, eliminating concerns about centralized control.

Testimonials highlight the mistrust in today's solutions. And reinforce the need for a decentralized trusted third party. Data transparency and participation in decision-making are hailed as key elements, enabling users to follow and understand the evolution of standards and protocols. Animalink thus becomes the watchdog of trust in the digital animal world.

"Centralizing information to enable us to take the best possible care of them and helping each other within a community, yes. But I'm wary of the fact that they keep tabs on our movements and activities with our pet." Anonymous comment on our BtoC study *

However, the complexity of using blockchain is a reality. With few experts available, Animalink overcomes this challenge thanks to Dr. Julien Audibert, CTO of Animalink, AI and Blockchain expert for the European Commission, and by collaborating with dFounders as well as the CEA-List. This team of experts ensures successful navigation in the sometimes complex world of blockchain.

In the emerging era of Web 3.0, Animalink is at the forefront of trust and transparency in the animal world. By offering a complete and secure blockchain-based solution, Animalink meets the urgent needs of professionals and private individuals for tracking and trust. With the DAO as a pillar of collective governance, Animalink is shaping the future of animal data management with an innovative, trust-centric approach.

* Animalink, 2022 - BtoC on nearly 400 people, of all ages, throughout France - BtoB on more than 25 individual interviews with various industry professionals (veterinarians, educators, petsitters, groomers, shelters and pounds).


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