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Animalink, the startup that puts technology at the service of animal welfare

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

Launch of Animalink, the startup that aims to develop and co-develop technological and DeepTech solutions, with ethics, where animal welfare and its ecosystem will be at the heart of the thinking.

image : logo Animalink

Our first project in development is the Sullie app. An application that aims to bring together all the practical functionalities, using AI and Blockchain, to support pet owners on lifestyle, education and health. But also by giving new tools to professionals to accompany individuals in the life of their companions.

We are living in an interesting era where after a rush of industrialisation and technology we are seeking to get back to nature and redefine our relationship with the environment.

Animal welfare is now a major social issue and must be at the heart of our reflections. We must (re)learn our relationship with animals and create a new balance. What was done less than 20 years ago no longer seems possible today. Daily well-being, increased longevity, physical and psychological fulfilment, we want them to be happy and offer them the best.

New technologies, with the emergence of DeepTech such as artificial intelligence, Big Data, Blockchain or even the Web3 and crypto-currency, offer new development possibilities, but also new organisational models to review our relationship with things, with others, with nature, with animals.

Ethical in our values and philosophy, where animal welfare remains central. We do not want to prohibit ourselves from working with any particular person or entity, as we all have to be part of a better future. However, we wish to remain neutral from any influences of single players in parallel markets to our own in order to prevent any conflicts of interest that would harm the relevance of our solutions for the user.

"If we want things to change, we have to stop waiting for others to do it and start acting at our level. With Animalink I want to make a contribution and be an actor in the search for a new balance between nature and us by developing, co-developing, technological tools to enable us to better understand animals and to (re)learn to take care of them, for the well-being of all." Alexy Fontaine, Founder & CEO of Animalink

We want to be a start-up that puts new technologies at the service of the animal world, a company that wishes to be ethical and transparent towards its users for an objective that is animal welfare.


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