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Digital animal identity: the universal digital animal record for optimal care

Updated: Nov 27, 2023

In a world where the organization of information linked to our pets is often chaotic, the emergence of Animalink and its universal digital animal record is revolutionizing the way we manage the lives of our furry companions. Explore with us the world of digital identity applied to animals, discovering how we can revolutionize and simplify communication between owners and professionals, thanks to an innovative platform using blockchain as a guarantor of security and transparency. Animalink is shaping the future of pet tracking with an approach focused on collaboration and sharing.

image : Adobe Stock © Andrii

In a world where managing information about our pets can be chaotic, Animalink is emerging as an innovative solution. With its universal digital pet record, the company addresses challenges common to pet owners, while leveraging the benefits of digital identity.

The current reality for many pet owners is one of haphazard organization and the potential loss of crucial information. Scattered health records and misplaced training reminders are commonplace. According to one survey, less than 5% of owners* use digital tools to track their pet's data, resulting in a significant loss of information.

Trust in digital solutions, such as those offered by healthcare laboratories and insurance companies, is also an issue. Nearly 75% of those surveyed* express reservations about the reliability of these approaches, underlining the growing need for trusted solutions.

This is where Animalink comes in, offering a universal digital pet record that goes far beyond simple identification. This innovative solution integrates the pet's complete digital identity, including its health record, details of its education, and information on its lifestyle. The platform simplifies communication between owners and pet professionals, offering centralized management of crucial data.

"Imagine a dog named Max. Thanks to Animalink's digital file, his owners track his vaccinations, treatments, diet, appointments, and share relevant data with vets and petsitters, for example. In this way, Max receives consistent care, promoting his health and reinforcing trust between all those involved." Alexy Fontaine, Founder and CEO, Animalink

Digital identity, at the heart of this initiative, is essential. It provides an organized and secure way of storing and sharing information. Alongside human issues, where digital identity guarantees security and privacy, it is becoming just as crucial for our furry friends. Animalink uses blockchain technology to ensure data security and transparency, eliminating the fears associated with centralized trusted third parties.

In short, Animalink overcomes the challenges of managing animal-related information with its universal digital record. Leveraging digital identity and blockchain, the platform offers an integrated solution for optimal monitoring of our most precious companions. The transition to more reliable and transparent animal data management has begun with Animalink at the helm.

* Animalink, 2022 - BtoC on nearly 400 people, of all ages, throughout France - BtoB on more than 25 individual interviews with various industry professionals (veterinarians, educators, petsitters, groomers, shelters and pounds).


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